Talennium offers a range of "purpose-build" services which enable companies to leverage data and insights to improve performance.

There are 2 types of services offered, project based consulting and ongoing data as a service outsourcing:

1. Project Based Initiatives

Recruiting Performance Driver Analysis

Most talent acquisition leaders struggle with measuring the wrong or too many metrics. In some cases there are very little to no metrics. Recruiting performance driver analysis will work with you and your teams to understand what is important to your key stakeholders and translate them into meaningful metrics which will be segmented by key stakeholder groups.

Recruiting Process Reengineering

A hallmark of a mature talent acquisition organization is to have documented and repeatable processes which are directly aligned to what is important to key stakeholders. This service offering will take an end to end look at your talent acquisition process and give you a comprehensive look at how consistent, repeatable and streamlined your processes are. The result will be a re-engineered process which will focus on consistently driving out inefficiencies.

2. Recruiting Operations Management

Data Management as Service

Let Talennium become your internal data management organization and provide you with ongoing insights to your data leveraging 6Sigma experts coupled with a technology platform which give you on demand views to your performance. Talennium will become your inside advisor which will enable you to have on demand data and regular insights which will delight your key stakeholders.